Yoko Miwa Trio

Hi Yoko,
Thank you for getting back to me.I have a new band and want to get the proper recognition on my own, without the help of friends who are popular and great jazz musicians.But that is another story for another time.I play a 7 string nylon guitar that was handmade.Let me shut up and give you a break.No video yet,but i can send you a cd with some of our music'
Let me know what you are thinking.
Have a great musical day.
Ronnie F.

Yoko Miwa Trio responded on 07/12/2014

Hi Ronnie,
The easiest would be for you to upload your CD to soundcloud (it's free) and share the link with me at: yokomiwatrio@gmail.com
Best of luck to you in your musical pursuits!

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