Yoko Miwa Trio

Couldn't help but respond to your comments on recording a solo CD. I can tell you from experience it is liberating. I wrote rock songs in the 70's and was "idle" for almost 40 years, having recently returned to doing my music "solo" with me and my piano (no vocal, no bass, no drums, etc etc) and it is truly liberating! You need to do it. By the way, wife Debbie and I loved listening to you at Les Zygomates this past Saturday. We were so glad you stopped by our table and left your info. This is a great personal touch and I will remember it when I am out gigging myself. Check out my music (easy listening/new age style) at iTunes, Amazon, etc. Keep up the great work, your stylings are impressive! Mark Freshwater www.freshwatermusic.com

Yoko Miwa Trio responded on 09/16/2014

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement Mark! I'm glad you wrote to me about stopping by your table, to me this is what it's all about - connecting with those who like your music. I will check your music out too. Maybe I already mentioned it but if you're interested in seeing my trio in a true concert setting, I have a big one coming up:

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